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AT&T/DirecTV Wireless 4K TV Set-Top Box and User Manual Leaked in FCC Report


Tech companies love to keep secrets away from their customers so that they can surprise them. However, keeping secrets is basically impossible in the tech industry when everything is leaked by FCC reports. Every gadget needs to go through the FCC before hitting the market and FCC’s documents are more than often made public.

AT&T DirecTV Wireless 4K Client (CT71KW) Leaked by FCC

AT&T is one of the biggest internet service providers in the US and it looks like it is getting ready to integrate internet-based content delivery in its services. A recent FCC report leak unveiled the fact that AT&T wants to introduce a new TV set-top box.

The reason why this is important is because the set-up box uses Google’s Android TV platform instead of the traditional satellite connectivity. This change of software will help AT&T provide its customers with premium streaming services.

The aforementioned TV set-top box is known as model number C71KW-400 right now and the FCC is describing it at “new AT&T/DirecTV Wireless 4K OTT Client”. One of the most interesting things leaked by the FCC report is the user manual for this device.

Leaked User Manual

The leaked user manual highlights the fact that AT&T’s upcoming device will not interact with other already existing DirecTV hardware. The TV set-top box will instead receive support from another upcoming device that goes by the codename of “HS27”.

Another important piece of information that this leaked user manual reveals is the definition of OTT. The user manual regards the OTT as “the delivery of video via the internet directly into user-connected devices, allowing access to services anywhere, anytime on any device”.

Launch Date

Sadly, the FCC report did not mention anything about the device’s launch date. However, we strongly believe that AT&T is planning on officially revealing the new TV set-top box during the upcoming CES 2018 event.