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Unbreakable Samsung OLED Panel Gets Certified


A while ago Samsung announced that it’s working on a prototype OLED display that is unbreakable! As crazy as this might sound, Samsung did manage to create the unbreakable OLED display and it just got certified!

To make things even more interesting, the OLED panel is flexible and its covered in a transparent cover which helps emulate the physical properties of glass without hindering its flexibility.

Unbreakable Samsung OLED Panel Gets Certified

The panel has been certified by UL which was formerly known as Underwriters Laboratories. For those who don’t know, UL is a company that certifies products for their durability and this means that Samsung’s next-generation OLED panel is truly unbreakable.

Military Grade Protection

Samsung stated that the new OLED panel passed with flying colors all military-standard tests such as being dropped from heights of up to four feet for 26 times in a row.

Not just that, but the panel withstood temperatures of 71 degrees Celsius and -32 degrees Celsius without any issues. “The display continued to function normally with no damage to its front, sides, or edges,” said Samsung about the military-grade tests.

Developed for Smartphones

Samsung has always been one to innovate the smartphone industry and therefore, it should come as no surprise that the new OLED display is designed for smartphones.

However, the flexibility of the display makes it suitable for electronic devices that can be used in military devices, in-car displays, and even portable game consoles.

Next-Generation Smartphones

Even though the unbreakable OLED display is more resistant than everything available on the market right now, we can be sure that Samsung is not going to implement it anytime soon.

The company’s Galaxy S flagship lineup is a bestseller and the South Korean tech-based giant doesn’t have a reason to add this type of innovative technology to it yet.


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