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UC Browser to Come Back on Google Play Store Next Week


UC Browser made headlines a couple of days ago when it was removed from Google Play Store without any warning. Considering that UC Browser is one of the most popular apps in the world, with a user base that exceeds the milestone of 500 million, everybody started asking questions to why it was removed.

Employee Leak

Unfortunately, neither Google nor UC Browser came out with public responses. Instead, a Twitter user that goes by the name of Mike Ross claimed that he works for UC Browser and that the app was removed because it “misled users to download other apps”. This statement forced an official UC Browser spokesperson to come out and try to clear the situation.

Official UC Browser Statement

The UC Browser spokesperson stated the following regarding this situation: “The exact reason for UC Browser’s unavailability on Google Play is because of a certain setting of UC Browser that was not in line with Google’s policy. The reason for the removal has nothing to with alleged data security breach or malicious promotion.”

Although, this isn’t all that the spokesperson said because he added the following: “We would like to state that we have no records of anyone named “Mike Ross” claiming to be working for UC Browser, as mentioned in some reports. The person claiming to be working for the company is in no way associated with the firm nor represents the views of the company”.

UC Browser’s Comeback 

Fortunately for all UC Browser fans, the developers who represent the app have announced that it will be back on Google Play Store during the next week. This means that UC Browser is probably just making some small changes so that it fits in Google’s policies.