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UC Browser Offers Fast Speeds on Low-End Smartphones


Not everyone can afford to drop somewhere between $500 to $800 on a high-end smartphone such as Samsung’s latest Galaxy Note 8. Luckily, there is a wide range of affordable and reliable smartphones that people can choose from. In addition, purchasing an affordable smartphone doesn’t mean that people also need to compromise on quality features such as fast internet browsing.

UC Browser

There are a bunch of high-end mobile browsers available right now, but UC Browser is the only one which offers the same premium quality to both high-end and low-spec devices. For example, Chrome is infamous for needing large amounts of RAM to function properly. On the other hand, UC Browser requires little to none processing power and it runs smoothly on any device.

UC Browser is the most popular app in India and China. These are the most populated regions of the world and that’s why UC Browser boasts with over 500 million users. Although, the reason why UC Browser managed to gather such a massive following is because it’s packed with useful features.

Cross Platform

One of the best things about UC Browser is that it’s able to run on nearly every available platform starting with Android OS and ending with iOS. The mobile browser even made an appearance on Windows 10. Therefore, UC Browser is guaranteed to work on any smartphone.

Download Manager

The feature that truly makes UC Browser special is its highly optimized download manager. The developers behind UC Browser managed to create a piece of art when they developed this manager since it offers fast download speeds without hindering the browser’s page loading speeds at all. The way in which the download manager is able to boost speeds is because it uses its own servers at times. Also, worth mentioning is that UC Browser is entirely free to use.