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UC Browser Mini 10.7.8 New APK Update is Available for Download


The browser industry is mainly ruled by Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. However, there is one browser that’s quickly becoming a big threat to both previously mentioned apps. The browser we are talking about is UC Browser Mini and it has been specially developed for the Android ecosystem.

UC Browser Mini 10.7.8 APK Update

UC Browser Mini is slowly but surely taking over the Android mobile browser industry. The developers behind the app are always releasing new updates which enhance its user experience, and which also make it an even bigger threat to Chrome and Firefox. The browser’s version number was recently upped to 10.7.8 with a new APK update.

The update is available for download right now and it requires a minimum of Android 2.3.3 Gingerbread operating system. Moreover, the update lives up to the app’s “Mini” name since it weighs in at only 1.7MB.

Simple User Interface

One of the key features that UC Browser Mini offers is its simple user interface. No one likes getting confused by a complicated user interface and the developers behind UC Browser Mini know that too well. Therefore, this Android exclusive app presents all the necessary features and makes them easy to access with a simple screen tap.

Small Size and Smart Downloading

As the browser’s “Mini” name implies, it’s quite small. This makes it a perfect fit for people who do not have large amounts of internal storage space. Furthermore, UC Browser Mini ships with a special download manager that’s been carefully optimized to not consume outrageous amounts of mobile data and to enhance download speeds.

Lastly, we need to mention that just like Chrome and Firefox, UC Browser Mini features an incognito browsing mode. This mode doesn’t save page history and it’s great for people who do not like being tracked by the websites they visit.

UC Browser Mini available on Google Play Store.