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UC Browser is Taking Over and Google Chrome Can’t Do Anything About It


Google Chrome is without any doubt the most popular browser in the world. However, this doesn’t mean that there arent’ any other alternatives which can go head to head against Google Chrome on a daily basis. UC Browser is the best example of that. The reason we are saying this is because despite Google Chrome’s popularity, UC Browser is managing to surpass it.

Google Chrome Popularity

Obviously, the first thing we need to mention about Google Chrome is that its pre-installed on all Android powered devices. This shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone since Google is the company that’s in charge of Android OS.

Although, Google Chrome is a high-end browser on its own and doesn’t need to be forcefully installed anywhere in order to grab people’s interest. This browser offers a smooth user experience that’s paired with cool features.

UC Brower is Taking Over

While Google Chrome might be the biggest name in the browser world, UC Browser is slowly but surely taking over. UC Browser is developed by the Alibaba company and its known as the most popular browser in India and China.

Seeing how Asia loves this browser, we can be sure that something is going on. What does Asia know and we don’t? First off, UC Browser has been designed around the idea of giving people the ability to download anything they want at fast speeds. Therefore, UC Browser is equipped with a special download manager that uses multiple thread connections which boosts download speeds.

Another great thing that UC Browser offers is the fact that its highly customizable. People can alter UC Browser’s UI with special themes which will make it feel more familiar. In addition, UC Browser is equipped with all the features that Google Chrome is renowned for.