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UC Browser – Downloading Files On a Smartphone Has Never Been Easier


Being able to surf the web while on the go is one of the best things about smartphones. To make things even better, there are high-end mobile browsers which help people find online information much faster than usual and preserve their mobile data at the same time.

UC Browser is one of the browsers which make mobile web surfing an enjoyable experience and today we are going to check out its top features.

Premium User Experience

UC Browser holds the title of being the most popular web browsing app in India and China. This leads us to believe that Asian people know something that we don’t since UC Browser is not that popular in Europe and the US.

Nonetheless, what’s undeniable is the fact that UC Browser offers a premium user experience that makes it easier for people to find out everything they need through a couple of taps of the screen and it’s all thanks to the user-friendly interface that it offers.

Fast Downloads

Most people use mobile browsers to find information such as a store’s schedule, look for directions in a foreign city and so on. However, other people need to download stuff to their smartphones and UC Browser is the ideal app for that.

UC Browser is equipped with a special download manager that utilizes multiple thread connections in order to boost average download speeds.

Moreover, the download manager makes sure that the download percentage is saved even though the smartphone randomly shuts down while downloading a large file.

Saving Mobile Data

Free Wi-Fi is hard to find and most people need to rely on their mobile data in order to browse the web. Luckily, UC Browser features a data compression system which reduces the overall amount of mobile data that is required to load a web page.


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