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UC Browser 8.4 Version Download Available for Java with New Features and Security Fixes


Many might not know this but UC Mobile LTD decided to quietly release UC Browser for Java ME. This new version is known as the 8.4 build and it brings the browser to another level. The developers behind the app decided to take everything good from the 8.3 version and to remove every bug or little annoyance thus resulting in UC Browser 8.4

App Gallery

As previously mentioned, this new version of UC Browser contains all the good features of the previous build. The App gallery is one of these features and it contains three different apps within it. The first app is UDisk which allows downloads to be saved to a private cloud store without taking up any unnecessary bandwidth. Quick Reads is the second app that’s been specially designed to make it easier for UC Browser users to read mainstream content. Finally, Online Bookmarks is also included in the App Gallery and it gives users the ability to backup and restore their favorite bookmarks whenever they want.

Unique Features

Even though UC Browser 8.4 is mainly based off the 8.3 version, it still has its fair share of unique features. The most outstanding one of them is the new “Phone” option which can be found in the “Tool” panel. This option gives users the means to place phone calls or send texts straight from their browsers.

Another great feature that’s included in the 8.4 version is the new traffic statistics display. This will give users a better idea of what’s going on behind closed doors since it displays exactly how much data consumption UC Browser reduces in comparison with other browsers.

Page Loading Speeds

Page loading speeds is something that’s often overlooked since quick speeds are a standard for browsers nowadays. Well, UC Browser takes things to the next level since its special download manager has been optimized so that it doesn’t hinder page loading speeds even though it might be downloading huge files.