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Ubisoft Launches AI Gaming Assistant to Help Players Get Better


The gaming industry is continuously evolving, and big-time developers such as Ubisoft, Bethesda, and EA are always looking to take things to the next level. Take for example Bethesda who is looking to implement VR (virtual reality) into its game. The developer already launched a VR edition of Fallout 4 and it looks impressive. On the other hand, EA is toying around with different game mechanics which help it get an advantage over its competition.

Ubisoft Experiments with AI

While Bethesda has been testing out VR technology, Ubisoft focused on AI (artificial intelligence) and created a special gaming assistant named Sam. The AI assistant has been available for Canadian beta testers who are enlisted in the company’s Ubisoft Club mobile app and reports are showing that Sam is amazing.

Sam is basically a chatbot that’s going to help players do all types of stuff starting with completing difficult game missions to finding out more information about game characters.

Sam is Available Worldwide

Nonetheless, the assistant has now been made available for everyone to use and the single downside about it is that Sam only chats in English. However, Ubisoft promised that Sam will receive additional language support in due time.

Real-Time Stats and Tips

Sam’s primary job will be to follow the player’s real-time stats, achievement, and progress. Therefore, players will be able to ask Sam for all types of information that they wish to know such as how many mission do they have to complete until the game is over.

The best thing about Sam is that it can be used to ask for tips and pointers. Take for example quests where players need to find a secret room or object. Players can simply ask Sam for some pointers on where to look.