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TubeMate – The Best App Against Boredom (Download Online Videos)


Technology is changing the world around us and there’s no way of stopping this. Getting in touch with our loved ones has never been easier, but not just that. There are hundreds of apps which have been specially designed to improve our way of life. Just take Uber, Airbnb, and Gmail for example. However, things don’t end here since technology is also making it easier for us to get all the entertainment we want, directly on our smartphones!

Online Entertainment

The internet has taken over the world and traditional TV broadcasting companies are going bankrupt because of this. No one likes watching the TV anymore, but who can blame people when they can get a better video watching experience directly from their smartphones without having to sit through countless hours of annoying commercials?

Watching Videos on Smartphones

The simplest and best way of passing up free time in situations such as sitting in massive line at the store, or having to sit in the train for a couple of hours is to watch online videos on your smartphones.

While there might be thousands of interesting online videos to keep you entertained, there is a downside to this. Smartphones require a stable internet connection in order to stream videos.

As we all know, free Wi-Fi is a precious resource and it can’t be found everywhere. Therefore, people need to rely on their mobile data more than ever when they want to watch online videos and this will end up inflating their monthly cellular bill, something which no one likes. Fortunately, there is an app which can download online videos!

Introducing TubeMate

Even though some of you might have never heard of TubeMate before because it’s not listed on the official Google Play Store, this app is highly popular in the Android communities.

The reason why TubeMate is not available to download directly on the Google Play Store is because it can download online videos from any website and this goes against the ToS (terms of services) or some of those websites.

However, readers should not be fooled by the fact that TubeMate is not available on Google Play Store because this doesn’t mean that it’s not a premium app. With that being said, today we are going to check out some of TubeMate’s most important features.

Downloading Online Videos

What better way to start listing TubeMate’s highlight features other than presenting its most popular feature, downloading online videos! With TubeMate, people will be able to instantly clicking a “Download” button in the app’s UI (user interface).

To make downloading videos even easier, people can also copy the URL of the desired video directly in TubeMate’s UI and download it from there.

Video Quality Options

Not everyone has a smartphone that ships with lots of storage space and this means that some people might want to download lower quality videos to reduce their size.

Luckily, TubeMate gives people the ability to choose their preferred quality and download videos in resolutions that go from 240p up to full HD 1080 x 1920.

Free Music

Websites such as Dailymotion and Vimeo are not only filled with funny videos, but they also feature music videos. Therefore, TubeMate users will be able to expand their music library by downloading the latest music videos and converting them into MP3 files via the app’s pre-installed MP3 converter.

Final Words

From what we can tell, TubeMate is a great Android app that makes it impossible for its users to get bored. Therefore, if you are the type of person who enjoys watching online videos then you might want to give TubeMate a try.