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TubeMate for iPhone/iPad – Watch Online Videos Without Internet


If you are an iPhone or iPad then you might want to consider giving TubeMate a try. This is a great app to have because it makes it easier for iOS fans to get access to online videos even when they are offline! Yes, you read that right. TubeMate makes it possible for iOS fans to watch online videos without needing to connect their device to a Wi-Fi network or mobile data.

Watch Online Videos Without Internet

Even though watching online videos without an internet connection might sound like an impossible task, TubeMate is able to do it! The way this works is rather simple. TubeMate can download videos from any website and this means that iPhone and iPad owners can fill up their storage space with cool videos that they can watch offline.

How to Download Online Videos

One of the best things about TubeMate is the fact that it easy to use! The app is designed for everyone and the developers wanted to make sure that even people who have zero software knowledge can download their favorite online videos. With that being said, here are the steps to download online videos on iPhone and iPad with TubeMate:

  • Open the TubeMate app;
  • Search for a video that you find interesting using the app’s search engine;
  • Select a video from the list of results;
  • Now tap on the red download icon which is available in the bottom right side of the screen;
  • All that’s left is to head over to the app’s download manager or the default iOS file manager and open the newly downloaded video.

Endless Entertainment

As previously mentioned, TubeMate can download videos from all types of websites which means that TubeMate users will never run out of fresh content to watch. This is what makes TubeMate a “must have” app on all iPhones and iPads.