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TubeMate 3.1.5 Update for Android – Improved Performances and Faster Download Speed


TubeMate is a premium app that lets users download online videos. However, TubeMate still requires a couple of software tweaks every now and then in order to make sure that the app is running without any issues. With that being said, TubeMate fans should be happy to know that a brand-new update which sports the 3.1.5 version number has been made available for download.

TubeMate 3.1.5 Update

The latest update for TubeMate changes the app’s version to 3.1.5 and it comes with a bunch of software tweaks and bug fixes. Even though most people don’t get too excited about software tweaks or bug fixes, they are what keep TubeMate’s performance running at peak levels.

Software Optimization

Considering the fact that TubeMate is used to download online videos from all types of streaming platforms, the performance of the app is quite important. No one likes having to wait ten minutes for a video to be downloaded and this latest update optimizes the app’s software so that it can download all types of files in a matter of seconds.

Bug Fixes

Another important reason why TubeMate fans should get the new update is because it is packed with a handful of bug fixes. There’s nothing more annoying than trying to download a long video such as a podcast which usually lasts for one or two hours, only to have the download process crash right at 50%. Fortunately, the new update is equipped with bug fixes which guarantee that TubeMate will never randomly crash or malfunction.

Android Package Kit

The only downside about the new update is that it’s available in the form of APK. This means that Android users are the only ones who can install it and that they need to download it manually because APK updates are not rolled out OTA (over the air).