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Tron (TRX)’s Transition From The Ethereum Network To Its Own Blockchain Begins – Odyssey 2.0 Was Launched


Tron (TRX) is the 10th largest crypto and it has finally begun the transition from the Ethereum network to its very own public blockchain.

The Tron Main Net which is dubbed Odyssey 2.0 was officially launched on May 31 at 12 am UTC and it’s initiating the first step in moving the $4 billion cryptos to an independent network.

The network remains in beta for most of June

The network is set to remain in beta for most of June and it will provide developers with the opportunity to configure their wallets and browsers before the network finally goes live.

The token migration will occur from June 21 to June 24 when users will have to deposit their ERC-20 tokens at participating crypto exchanges in order to receive an equivalent number of TRX on the new blockchain.

The whole transition will culminate on June 25 which is a date that has been dubbed by developers as Independence Day and the Genesis block will propagate across the network and investor predictions which say that Tron will be an Ethereum killer will eventually be tested.

“The independence of our protocol is a crucial step in ushering in the next phase of the internet through democratization and decentralization,” Tron founder Justin Sun said in a statement.

“Our team maintains a high standard of excellence as we head towards becoming a mainstream public blockchain. The move of the TRON Protocol to MainNet makes it easier for developers to break away from Ethereum and opens up new doors towards better scaling, commercialization and express lanes needed for global dApp development,” Sun added.

Tron steadily climbed the market cap charts

Until now, Tron functioned as an ERC-20 token on the Ethereum network and the TRX token has steadily climbed the market cap charts despite the tons of controversies regarding the crypto.

TRX is not unique because EOS which is the fifth largest crypto and raised about $4 billion during a year-long ICO is also preparing to release ita Main Net software in June.