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Tron (TRX)’s Massive Competitive Advantage Lies In Making The Web More Democratic


Peter Thiel is an important name that you should remember, and we’ll tell you the reasons. He co-founded PayPal and the Founders Fund that backed Bitcoin to the tune of 10-20million back in 2017.

He has been a vital element in enabling various ventures to take off, and some of them are now massive players in the market. He was also one of the first Facebook investors.

Back then, the man’s stake was half a million dollars (10.2%), and now Facebook is worth more than 500 billion.

These amazing business decisions are the reasons for which Thiel is not worth 2.5 billion. So, now you probably understand why this is a name to be remembered.

Two ways to enter the market

He has been regarded as a world’s leader and authority because of his business philosophy.

This comes from a man who actually knew what he was doing. His famous ideas include the one of competitive advantage. This refers to the way that companies enter an industry and give previously established powerhouses a run for their cash.

Thiel’s book called Zero to One says that new companies can enter markets in two ways.

One way is avoiding all competition and the second way is going into an established industry with well-established players and defeat them with a product that offers a tenfold advantage.

Tron’s tenfold competitive advantage

Justin Sun, Tron CEO and founder, studied entrepreneurship under Alibaba’s Jack Ma and he is well aware of the idea presented by Thiel’s book. He took all of them into account when he built and led the Tron foundation.

Tron’s mission is much wider than that one of Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency; it aims to use the blockchain technology in order to fully decentralize the web.

Their aim is empowering content creators so that they can monetize all the content without any big corporation taking away even the smallest part.

Tron is not about taking fiat currencies or the banking system head-on (such as Bitcoin); it’s about making the web more democratic.

This is Tron’s tenfold advantage – tackling the cryptocurrency space by having a competitive advantage. We’ll see what happens after the Main Net Launch.