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Tron (TRX) Token Transfer: Migration Is A Week Away


Tron (TRX)’s token migration is scheduled to begin just a week from now.

This will be the moment that marks TRX’s identity shed as an ERC-20 token and its move over the brand new Tron blockchain. You have a few more days to make sure that all your coins are in order and part of the token migration.

26 exchange platforms are supporting the migration

Currently, there are 26 exchange platforms that have already announced their support for the big event involving the token swap.

This means that if your coins are in one of these exchange platforms, you will be good to go and they will be migrated automatically.

You can see exactly which exchange platforms support Tron’s token migration.

On the other hand, some exchanges have not announced their support by now and they are not featured here.

For example, HitBTC and Coinspot are two exchanges that have yet to announce support for the token swap. So if your coins are resting there, you may want to think about transferring them shortly.

After the migration is complete, Tron plans to hold an election on June 26th.

TRX holders will vote to designate 27 Super Representatives that will power the network and validate transactions.

Tron just acquired BitTorrent

In other news, Tron is doing great and it just acquired BitTorrent.

“Variety has now learned that Sun has indeed acquired BitTorrent, with BitTorrent management informing staff about the deal last week,” wrote Janko Roettgers, a reporter covering the Silicon Valley.

“However, staffers have been advised not to talk to the press, according to a source with knowledge of the transaction. Some of the company’s shareholders have also since been contacted by the transfer agent hired for the deal.”

Don’t forget that Tron is anticipating its independence from the Ethereum network on June 25th, when the platform’s token migration will be complete, and TRX will no longer be an ERC-20 token.