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Tron (TRX) Liquidity Surges Just Before The Highly-Anticipated Announcements


Tron is currently up and running on 29 crypto exchanges all over the world.

The biggest addition is, of course, Changelly which features more than 1.5 million registered users and it processes over 15,000 transactions on a daily basis.

Tron is about to launch its virtual machine 

It’s also important to note that Tron is just a few days away from officially launching its virtual machine.

The rollout is scheduled for July 31st, and it will give developers the necessary sandbox required to create decentralized apps on the Tron network.

Just a day before the release, on July 30th, Tron is also set to reveal a “secret” announcement that was first teased by Tron’s founder Justin Sun.

Here’s a look at Sun’s full remarks on the upcoming announcement, courtesy of YouTube creator Game of Bitcoins.

The mysterious announcement that Justin Sun will make managed to trigger tons of speculations on social media, from the potential clarity on how Tron will be taking advantage of BitTorrent to a reveal that involves the rumored partnership with giant Alibaba.

“Variety has now learned that Sun has indeed acquired BitTorrent, with BitTorrent management informing staff about the deal last week,” wrote Janko Roettgers, a reporter covering the Silicon Valley via The Daily Hodl on June 12.

“However, staffers have been advised not to talk to the press, according to a source with knowledge of the transaction… It’s unclear how exactly Tron plans to integrate with BitTorrent.”

Back in April, Tron revealed a revised roadmap for the year, which you can see below.

One standout, in particular, is the transaction speed of the new Tron main net, which has not yet been officially revealed.

Tron Roadmap for 2018

  • Odyssey 2.0 launch with Proof of Stake
  • On-chain resource allocation governance
  • Network capacity of 10,000 transactions per second
  • TRX transaction fees reduced to zero
  • Debut of decentralized applications
  • Token wallet launch
  • Blockchain browser launch

Tron is expected to hold a live stream in order to announce its secret project. We can’t wait to find out what Justin Sun has in store for us.

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