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Tron Script Is An All-In-One Script To Clean, Disinfect, And Optimize Windows 10 Computers


For our computer to work correctly, it is necessary to perform a series of basic maintenance tasks that eliminate unnecessary junk files that can be a burden and make some optimizations so that everything works as it did on the first day. Although there are many applications for this purpose, such as CCleaner, and even Windows 10 already has its optimizers, there is Tron, a pure open source script designed to clean and optimize every detail of our Windows 10 operating system.

Also, Tron script has a series of specific instructions to scan your computer for threats and malware and to disinfect it without having to resort to any antivirus for it.

Tron script will clean, disinfect, and optimizing Windows 10

Tron script sums up a total of 9 tasks that it performs fully automatically.


This task prepares our computer to perform the other functions. Among different configurations it allows us, for example, to create a restore point, a copy of the registry, and even forcefully close several system processes.


In this task, the script will clean all the temporary files and cache we have in the system.

This application will open an instance of CCleaner, although this program will not be installed on the computer.


If our computer came with Windows installed at the factory, this feature would help us to remove all the bloatware (unwanted software that is installed by default) without having to do anything else.


During this task, the Tron script will use several antivirus engines, such as Kaspersky Virus Removal Tool, Sophos Virus Removal Tool, and Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Tool, to detect and remove any threats that may be hidden on the PC.


Since removing a virus can usually cause problems in Windows, this task will detect and correct any issues that might occur.


This feature will handle patches for specific applications, such as 7Zip, Java and Adobe Reader, as well as install all Windows Updates.


This task will be in charge of optimizing Windows. This¬†function will defragment the hard disks, repair the system’s pagination, and perform other similar tasks.

Wrap-up and Manual-Stuff

These last two tasks, Wrap-up and Manual-Stuff, will allow us to generate a report of the status of our system or manually launch the applications and functions we want to use.

Tron script will clean, disinfect, and optimize Windows 10 in no time. You can download the program from here.