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Top IFTTT Automation Picks For Emails


Despite all the innovations that are taking place in the world of tech, email seems to remain one of the most important means of communication between two people or more, on a digital plain. What this means is that any time you discover a new way in which you can enhance your email experience. You are probably better off just taking it.

It’s definitely something that you want to be aware of, as having a great email service can make the difference between being just alright at emails or being incredibly efficient and productive with your emails. Email automation through IFTTT is a wonderful solution that more and more people are attracted to. That being said, it’s easy to get into IFTTT if you’re not already. Simply go to their website and register, link your Google account and scroll down to the Email list. Now it’s time to pick out the best IFTTT automation tools for emails.

Todoist addon

Todoist is an application that allows people to scribble down important information as notes which they can read an act upon later. Pretty much a to-do list app. Well, a lot of the things people receive in emails end up in a to-do kind of environment where people just start emails to notify that they’re important but only tend to them later…if they remember. With the IFTTT addon, you can make it so every time you star something on your email account, it will be added to your Todoist as a to-do note. It’s quite genius.

Got shopping to do? Alexa can help you out with the shopping list

If you’re the kind of person that likes to plan ahead of a shopping spree but often times forgets what they planned, this one might be for you. Alexa, the popular digital voice assistant has got a really cool improvement which allows her to send you your shopping list over email. Simply equip her with the appropriate IFTTT applet and see how you can ask her in a second to email you what you were supposed to buy form the store you so eagerly rushed towards.

Incorporate eBay searches into your email

When it comes to shopping from eBay, you can often times be disappointed when you just don’t find exactly what you were looking for. However, you can always make it so that you are the first to know when such an item makes its way onto the popular platform. In other words, you can use IFTTT to instruct eBay to send you an email once items that match your search description have arrived in stock. It’s really neat for staying on the cutting edge of competitive shopping. Also if you’re afraid someone else might ninja buy that thing you wanted for so long from right under your nose, you can use this IFTTT applet to set the balance in your favor.