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Top 6 Personalized Online Printing Services for Clothing


Before online shopping and personalized clothing started to take off, if you wanted to have something personalized, you had to go to a local sporting store and pick some iron-on letters in order to write a message or something on your clothes. But that tedious work is over. If you have a computer and an internet connection, you can access a store, create a design or pick one available on that store and order it. You can have that design on any item, from clothes to water bottle and even license plates.

How Does Online Custom Printing Work?

After you’ve decided what item you want to have printed and you’ve found or created the right design, you can opt for an online shop to place your order. Most of them can help you create your design by showing you the object and letting you add letters, symbols, change color and twist everything the way you desire.

The price is offered near the object, and as soon as you placed the order, you can pay online with your credit card or you can pay when the order arrives by post.

We’ve found the best six online stores which will make your wardrobe, gifts and miscellaneous objects amazing and unique.


One of the best printing services known is this shop which can personalize anything. Depending on the item you want to buy, the prices start at $15. You can get baby accessories, mugs, t-shirts, shopping bags, phone cases, stationery and much more and personalize them as you wish. They also offer discounts for bulk orders. The store has an Online Design Tool to help you create your design. They will ship your order in 24 hours since you purchased and offer regular discounts and promotions.

Custom Ink

This custom printing service is great if you want to order in bulk. They have a large collection of fonts, designs and symbols, a lab in which you can change colors and create your own designs or you can upload your design. If you want to buy t-shirts for a sports team for example, you can also send them a list of names and numbers to get the sizing right for every member. The service is sending only in the US and Canada an before it starts producing your order, they will send you a free sample to get your approval first.


This store allows you to either sell your designs and get a commission or even make your own shop and sell your designs there. This store is available in 19 countries and gives you the possibility to not only create custom clothes and accessories but also sell them.


This service is a crowdfunding project, where you can also let other people buy your design. It has premium materials and for now it can only print hoodies and t-shirt. As soon as your design is finished, you have to set a sales target and the guys from Teespring will calculate your profit. You’ll have to describe your campaign and the rest will be done by the Teespring staff.


This website is a place where you find unique designs made by artists or designers from all over the world. The artists get prizes and royalties and you get to have a unique item or more items that match in the same design because you can print it on a lot of things.


Last but not least, the cheaper version of CafePress is Zazzle. It won’t let you create your own art on their website, but they let you upload designs which you previously made in another program. The shop offers different materials, the cheaper ones starting from $14.95 for a printed white t-shirt.