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Today is the Last Day to Get Xbox Live Gold (12 months) for only $39


There are many perks to owning an Xbox One, but one of the best ones has to be receiving access to all the discounts Microsoft offers every month. In fact, the reason we are talking about Xbox One today is because this is the last day when fans can purchase a full year of Xbox Live Gold for only $39. This means that Microsoft is offering a $20 discount and it’s the lowest price that 12-months of Xbox Live Gold will ever get.

Last Day for Xbox Live Gold Deal

With that being said, Xbox One fans who want to save $20 should make sure to get the full year version of the subscription before July 31st ends. Furthermore, let’s go over the biggest benefits that being subscribed to Xbox Live Gold brings in order to see if its worth $39 for an entire year.

Online Games

First and foremost, Xbox Live Gold makes it possible for players to join their friends in online games. Online games such as Overwatch for example are unavailable without Xbox Live Gold. Therefore, subscribing to Microsoft’s Xbox Live Gold is a requirement for people who enjoy playing multiplayer games.

Free Games

The second most important benefit that being an Xbox Live Gold subscriber brings is getting access to free games every month. Assault Android Cactus, Death Squared, Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown and Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell Conviction are currently available for free until the end of this month.

Huge Discounts

Even though there are many other benefits to being a Xbox Live Gold subscriber, the last one we need to talk about is the huge discount that subscribers get for AAA titles. Xbox One features a special game panel the Shop called “Deals with Gold” and subscribers can save up to 75% on games.


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