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This July Xbox One Update Comes With FastStart, Groups, And Other Cool Features And Improvements


Microsoft has released the long-awaited July firmware update for the Xbox One family of consoles. The Redmond-based company remains committed to ensuring that its current generation not only has the most powerful console in the world in its portfolio but also the most complete one. Thus, among the new features of the new Xbox One update are essential changes such as FastStart and groups.

Xbox One update comes out with FastStart

This new feature allows gamers to play their favorite titles almost as soon as you start the download. The procedure is based on identifying the application’s runtime files and prioritizes the most important things for us to start playing. In the meantime, the console will download the rest.

The FastStart feature will be handy for games with more than 50 or 70 GB.

This July Xbox One update also adds Groups feature

Groups is another new feature and is a simple way to organize content under different categories based on several criteria, so your game menu will be more organized than usual.

We can give custom names for games lists and separate those games we’ve already played from others we have yet to finish. These Groups will be displayed in My Games and Applications, the Home section, and in the Guide.

Importantly, these settings are linked to an Xbox Live account, so if you decide to buy or change your Xbox console, when you log in, these Groups will be migrated as if they were a security backup.

Other improvements

Improvements have also been made to the searches and to the Mixer, which has become even more relevant. In fact, in games like Forza Horizon 4, we’ll have cars that will only unlock if we use the Mixer.

In conclusion, this July Xbox One update brings new cool features and some improvements to enhance users experience with the Microsoft videos games console.