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Things You Need to Know to Use 3D Scanning and Photogrammetry for Your Business


In a recent poll, nearly 55 percent of the business owners surveyed claimed they would be spending more on 3D printing and scanning in the coming year. Studies show that nearly 57 percent of the 3D printing work done by a business is done during the initial phase of new product development.

One of the biggest hurdles a small business has to get over when trying to utilize the power of 3D printing and scanning is the cost. Often times, the machines and photogrammetry software needed to utilize this technology will be very expensive.

If you are a business owner attempting to use both 3D scanning and photogrammetry, consider the helpful tips below.

Depth Sensor Scanning is a Great Option for Beginners

One of the first decisions you will be faced with when trying to use 3D technology is whether you are going to use photogrammetry or sensor scanning. If you are new to the world of 3D scanning, then using sensors is probably your best bet. While you will be unable to get the top-notch scan quality you are after with this method, they are ideal for real time 3D purposes.

Both the hardware and software used in depth sensor scanning are easy to use. When using this method, you will not have to worry about any background objects and you will be provided with an interactive preview. Generally, the depth sensor scanning process will last around two minutes. This is great news for businesses trying to capture lots of images in a cheap and effective way.

The pros of depth sensor scanning include:

  • Depth sensor scanning requires very little technical knowledge.
  • You will be provided with a progress preview of the objects you are scanning.
  • Depth sensors are calibrated to know how far objects are, which reduce the need for manual measurements.

Using Single Camera Photogrammetry

Do you have some experience with photography and manual camera settings? If so, using photogrammetry software may be a bit easier for you. While there is a learning curve when it comes to photogrammetry, once you get it, you will have no problem generating incredibly detailed 3D models.

If you need to, you can use a camera drone to capture entire buildings for your models. Traditional uses for single camera photogrammetry include capturing statues, organic objects and higher quality 3D assets for VFX and games.

When attempting to choose the right photogrammetry software, you need to focus on usability. The last thing you want is to get a piece of software that is too complicated for you or your team to use.

The pros of using photogrammetry include:

  • The size of the object you are scanning will not matter. Photogrammetry allows you to capture small objects like toys and larger objects like statues with ease.
  • If you use a camera lens with many megapixels, photogrammetry will allow you to get incredibly detailed scans
  • Photogrammetry will allow you to get the texture quality you are after.

Properly Equipping Your Scanning Studio

Once you have made a choice between using photogrammetry or sensor scanning, you will need to properly equip your scanning studio. Using an LED light source will help you get the high-quality scans you need. You will also need to invest in a turntable to sit the objects you are trying to scan. With a turntable, you will not need as much space to scan your objects. This method may also allow you to leave your 3D scanner in one place.

While mastering the art of 3D scanning and printing will take time, it is worth the effort you invest. Consulting with professionals in this industry can help you get the right equipment in place.


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