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These are Samsung Galaxy S10’s Most Innovative Features


Samsung just took the smartphone industry by storm when it launched Galaxy S9, but this doesn’t mean that Samsung is done for the year. One of the things that makes the South Korea tech giant special when compared to other smartphone manufacturers is the fact that it never takes a break from creating new devices.

With that being said, no one should be shocked to find out that Samsung is already working on next year’s model even though Galaxy S9 recently came out. Today we are going to check out what type of specs, features and exclusive software Galaxy S10 will have to offer in 2019.

True Bezel Less Design

If we take a look at Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S9 we are not going to see too many differences. Truth be told, the only thing that Samsung can do to improve Galaxy S10 in terms of design is to increase its screen to body ratio. A recent patent revealed that Samsung is looking to create an 100% bezel less smartphone that will include fingerprint scanners beneath the display.

Face Scanning Technology

One of the coolest things about iPhone X which is Samsung’s biggest competitor is its Face ID scanner. Samsung’s latest S9 is using Intelligent Scan because the company believes that Apple’s Face ID is not secure enough.

On the downside of things, the fact that Samsung opted to go with Intelligent Scan instead of Face ID means that its AR Emojis are not as powerful and accurate like Apple’s Animoji. Therefore, Samsung is expected to add some improvements to Galaxy S10’s front-mounted camera.

This is not just a rumor since Samsung already partnered with Matis Vision which is a company that focuses on 3D-sensing camera technology for smartphones. The addition of improved Emojis will make Galaxy S10 more desirable towards the younger generations, something which Samsung surely wants.