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The World’s First Five-Camera Smartphone is Coming Soon


We previously reported that Samsung is jealous of the attention that Apple is getting and it announced a brand-new event called “4x Fun” that is going to take place on October 11th. Samsung wants to launch a new smartphone that will feature a four-camera setup and while this might be impressive, LG has also announced an October event where it plans to reveal a five-camera smartphone!

LG October 3 Event

The new LG event is going to take place on October 3rd and the only thing that LG wrote on the invite is “Take 5”. Even though the invite message is quite cryptic, we already know what it means. LG wants to reveal the highly anticipated V40 ThinQ and this is going to be the first smartphone to feature a five-camera setup.

Five-Camera Setup

According to previous leaks, LG V40 ThinQ will feature three cameras on the rear side and two on the front. While this might make it seem like LG is doing its best to keep up with the likes of Apple and Samsung who keep adding more cameras to their flagship smartphones, we should mention that LG was the first tech company to introduce a multi-camera setup back in 2015 when V10 launched. Therefore, LG is one step ahead of everyone.

Camera Technology

Even though we already know that LG V40 ThinQ will be the smartphone to feature a five-camera setup, we don’t know what type of camera technology is going to use or how the lenses will be implemented.

Rumor has it that four of the five cameras are going to feature normal lenses while one of them will be equipped with a “panoramic ultra-wide-angle”. No matter what type of lenses LG picks, LG V40 ThinQ will still be a one of a kind smartphone and this is going to make the device successful.

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