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The US FCC Approves Network Neutrality Invalidation


The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) approves of invalidating network neutrality and ushers in a new era in the way telecommunications operators and end users understand the Internet. It is now official, and the rules of net neutrality in the United States have been repealed.

However, following the vote of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), it is now the operators who have full control over their infrastructure and may impose “tolls” for access to the network depending on the content and speeds consumed.

After the fall of neutrality, which has brought much controversy, one of the great winners is undoubtedly Ajit Pai, president of the FCC, who has pointed out in an article that the repeal is good news for consumers because it restores the authority of the Federal Trade Commission over Internet service providers.

Also, one of his arguments at the time was that the regulation launched by Barack Obama was a brake on innovation.

A controversial decision

On the other hand, consumer organizations believe that broadband providers will start selling Internet access in packages or asking for a kind of premium subscription to enter social networks from giants like Twitter or Facebook.

Also, many small business owners fear that large businesses may pay to gain advantages and undermine their competition. In fact, many citizens who work remotely have also mobilized because they think that they could face a much higher cost to be able to do their business from home.

“Internet service providers now have the power to block websites, restrict services and censor online content,” said Jessica Rosenworcel, a Democrat from the Commission who voted against the repeal.

“They will have the right to discriminate against and favor the trafficking of the companies with which they have agreements,” she added

Some States chose to minimize damage

Several states of the North American country have already moved to keep the neutrality of the Internet alive, at least gradually, by enacting legislation that will require internet providers operating in their territories to comply with similar standards.

These states are Washington, California, New York and Illinois.

Also, the Congress is considering a motion to overturn the FCC’s decision.