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The UK Is Building a Space Training Facility and It Costs 150 Million Dollars


Whenever one thinks of the space program and all that, the two countries that come to mind are definitely the United States of America and Russia. The United Kingdom of Great Britain is certainly no one’s first choice when it comes to talking space-related issues, but it should be because Britain is going out of its way to build a space training facility that will change the way we talk about space travel in the future.

Space Travel – Soon Possible

The space travel age is upon us thanks to Elon Musk’s SpaceX, as well as other agencies such as Blue Origins. This means that ordinary people will soon be able to travel into outer space, and there should definitely be a place where they can prepare for doing just that. The UK took over this responsibility and thus kicked off the construction of the Blue Abyss space training center. The project will be finalized in 2019, which is the same year when the center will open its gates for the general public.

The facility will be located in the United Kingdom, as it was expected, and it will contain state of the art technology and utilities that will allow regular citizens to prepare their minds and bodies for space travel. As you might imagine, flying off into space onboard of a rocket ship is not the same as traveling by plane or train, so extra precautions need to be taken. Blue Abyss will take care of just that.

Blue Abyss will have a centrifuge base that can simulate the g-forces of space, as well as parabolic flight training and full physiological exams conducted by trained specialists within the facility. The gates of the center will be open for both astronauts in training, as well as private individuals and company affiliates.