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The Simple Bear Necessities: No More Heat Exposure


We all suffer under the scourging heat and we can only imagine how much poor animals must suffer from their furs and coats. Outside Virginia, a roadside zoo keeps their bears in a tiny concrete enclosure, exposed to the sun and with empty troughs. The summer has just begun but there are at least 3 more months of heat to cope with.

Measures taken so far against the zoo

Many people and entities have filled countless complaints against the zoo. Times call for more desperate measures: shutting down the facility for good and taking the animals to a rescue center!

The facility, Wilson’s Wild Animal Park, has been cited for improper care of their animals, dangerous housing of their animals and inadequate veterinarian care. The zoo’s bears are left outside with no water under the sun all day long and their behaviors indicate severe psychological distress.

PeTA gets involved

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PeTA) volunteers have done some research at Wilson’s Wild Animal Park and they have noticed how badly the bears are treated. They have called out to the facility many times and they have observed how the bears have to eat food soaked in urine because they have no water supplies provided. They encourage everyone to call the facility and kindly ask to provide water and proper shelter for the bears. According to their report other animals are suffering as well: goats with nasal discharge, alpaca’s with overgrown nails, animals pacing and injured birds.

They have called the local authorities and asked for the animals to be removed from the roadside zoo and they have also made a petition online and it is available for everyone to read and sign. If you are an animal lover, you can definitely get involved.