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The First Standalone 5G Network Has Been Developed


The arrival of 5G, the mobile Internet standard that will give us mobile data at speeds of up to 20 Gbps, was scheduled for 2020. And now, it seems that the deadlines will be met, as the development of the first 5G standalone network has been completed.

The 3GPP, the organization in charge of approving the mobile phones’ standards, has already approved the definitive 5G standard that works in a non-dependent way, that means that it’s not using the already existing 4G/LTE networks.

The first 5G standalone network

The 5G, which has been gaining popularity for a few years now is a new standard that will soon replace the 4G/LTE that we currently use on our mobile phones.

TheĀ 5G connection will be twice as fast as the 4G/LTE connections and could be a solution to the problems of fixed cable networks, and could also be implemented inside the homes, especially for the Internet of Things.

The development of the first 5G standalone network directly implies that Qualcomm and other manufacturers will begin to develop and launch chips, modems, and other hardware components that use the 5G specifications.

Therefore, when this technology has a large enough network in the future, there will be enough devices in place for it to be expanded enough to be regularly used.

When will 5G arrive?

With a bit of luck, we could see 5G mobiles in 2019, when the first operators probably already have networks of this type in a mature phase, in countries such as the United States or China.

That also means that governments will have to organize everything to the new standard, which means, of course, a new digital dividend and frequency auction.

In Europe, on the other hand, 5G mobiles could roll out a bit later, maybe in late-2019 or even in 2020.

However, the recently developed 5G standalone network puts the basis of the future 20Gbps Internet.