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The Fastest Block Explorer for the EOS Blockchain Blocks.io Is Launched


Blocks.io says it’s the fastest blockexplorer for EOS and it was just launched.

The web tool was launched by EOS Calgary in collab with HKEOS.

Blocks.io focuses on the blockchain 

Blocks.io is a tool that focuses on the notion of blockchain and it believes that it will transform the Internet and even surpass it in terms of impact on businesses, cross-border transactions, societies, and governments.

It was developed by EOS Cafe Calgary.

This web tool lets you view a list of information about blocks, transactions, accounts, and producers on the EOS blockchain. Users can access an account page that shows:

  • Balances of all airdrops
  • Filtering actions based on type (RAM/Account/Producer)
  • Breakdown of RAM/CPU/NET usage
  • Proxy information
  • Token transfers

“Our goal was to create the fastest and most reliable block explorer for the community as a way to engage with others and keep them informed about the EOS network,” said Syed Jafri, Head of Development at EOS Cafe Calgary.

EOS Café was founded by Troi Bryan who is a blockchain developer and early adopter of Bitshares, Steem, and e-gold which is a Bitcoin predecessor.

He plans EOS Café to support development on the EOS blockchain and also build a network that combines the power of people who are working together across the world to shake up the status quo by building DApps that foster liberty in many different ways with a variety of use cases.

EOS Cafe plans to grow the ecosystem

Another thing worth knowing is that EOS Café is a decentralized autonomous corporation with communities all over the world, and it’s also a leading block producer candidate on the EOS network, operating under the name ‘eoscafeblock’.

In order to grow the ecosystem, the team at EOS Cafe has also developed various tools for the community which include offline key validation, a paper wallet, and fallback registration.

The team also teamed up with KARMA, which is a decentralized application powered by EOS.IO that’s designed to incentivize people to do good in the world and get rewarded for it. This highlights the humanitarian aspects of cryptos.


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