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The EOS Blockchain Is Launched – You Should Expect Free Giveaways


It seems that owning EOS could turn out to be a 17-for-one offer for anyone who is in before the launch.

EOS is live and it’s not only the crypto that powers the EOS software that is available on the market.

Most of EOS holders will find that they also own a bunch of new tokens with real-world value since loads of startups are planning to unite their efforts by gifting token to EOS users.

The airdrops are a broader trend in crypto

Airdrops are not something unique to EOS. They are a form of giveaways and they have taken a special significance as a way to jumpstart a community around a project at very little cost and without asking someone to spend money.

The OMG token issued by OmiseGo pioneered the approach at the end of 2017 when everyone with an Ethereum wallet received a helping of this new token.

Airdrops did not stop and they became more focused on giveaways for people who sign up based on particular criteria to become the norm.

For instance, companies might pay airdrops to elite crypto communities such as 21.co or CoinList or they can simply ask their community to complete certain verifiable tasks to earn allocations.

EOS is accelerating this trend

The new EOS protocol goes live and a transition will occur and those who own EOS tokens that are issued on Ethereum will have their coins locked up in smart contracts until they can be exchanged.

After this happens, there will be lots of airdrops and these few airdrops will be distributed widely to users. Many of them will drop into every single wallet that has a certain number of EOS tokens in it.

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