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The Chromium Version of Edge Has Been Leaked (Early Stages)


Microsoft has been pushing its Edge browser to Windows 10 users for a long time now and it hasn’t been too successful. The reason behind this is that people have gotten used to the likes of Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. Therefore, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that Microsoft wants to completely rebuild the Edge browser in order to offer a new and premium user experience that might draw people in.

Microsoft is Building Edge on Chromium

The new version of Edge will be built on Chromium and the interesting thing about it is that Microsoft doesn’t want to reveal too many details.

The software giant wants to surprise everyone with all the new features that the improved Chromium version of Edge will have to offer on release date.

Luckily, we don’t have to wait any longer in order to get an idea of what the new version of Edge will have to offer because it has just been leaked.

New Leak

The software for the new version of Edge was leaked over the weekend and it shows us that the browser will be based on Chromium 75.

Moreover, the software can be manually downloaded and installed by any users who want to check it out. However, we need to advise everyone that unreleased software usually has its fair share of bugs.

The first thing that the browser will prompt users to do after installing it is to automatically import all data from the current browser, be it Chrome or Mozilla. After the data is imported, Edge will start running normally.

In addition, the Chromium version of Edge already supports browser extensions that can be downloaded and installed from hubs such as “Microsoft Extensions” or the “Chrome Web Store”. Therefore, the Chromium version of Edge is giving users lots of customization options.


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