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The Big Leap of the Gaming Sector in India


Just a few years back, what we considered as the common forms of entertainment were movies, music, sports and of course television. Gaming as a culture was still in its infant stage. The gaming market in India has emerged over time and the popularity that we see today can be largely attributed to the new digital generation. What started with a few handful games, mostly from the international gaming companies have now moved to localized content with local games of India taking precedence over the global players. The industry that started with just about 25 companies has now over 250 game developers. Even a quick look at the top grossing apps on Google Play Store will show out of 100 top apps, 60 are games.

Gaming adding to entertainment

Games are played to seek entertainment, when you want it and the way you want it. Whether it is the quick step away from stress, or to do something a bit challenging in your free moments, games come handy. Of course, that automatically means smartphones and tablets are giving the most of players quick play on the go games that are not data heavy and fast to play as well. The gamers today are comfortable with downloading apps and enjoying multiple games. No one limits himself to only one game but goes on shuffling between two or three preferred games. Some of the internationally popular games like Candy Crush or Clash of Clans are still in almost every other smartphone, but what has now also found space is the localized Indian games. The cultural theme integration has proven to be one of the most effective ways to address the growing market of India that is expected to cross INR 54.8 Billion industry by 2019 as per KPMG report.

India is today the second largest market for smartphones and as per a report by AppsFlyer, with an Indian spending INR 590 on an average on in-app purchases. What it clearly shows is that it’s not just the free content that adds to the download numbers, but quality and entertainment packed games adding value.

The smart gamer on the rise

Among the popular genre of games, the top comes puzzle, skill and social games. What players are looking for is light entertainment that is packed with some fast thinking. There are games that give a social high as you share your level updates on social profiles and then there are others that keep you challenged to do a bit more. Among the most popular games are card games like Teen Patti, rummy games and, Poker, while there are games like Cricket and ‘Bahubaali: The Game’ that took the gaming segment by rage. What is common is the localization of content. Players relate to the game that they see around them or have been playing on the offline mode for a while. Further, there is strategy involved, whether it is about saving a kingdom or a match or win a card game. It is with the correct strategy that you would be able to move forward.

Games with challenge interwoven are the most preferred choice today. Games of skill that require focus, sharpness and strategy are what players are after. India has matured as a game market and the preferred choice of games showing considerable change.

The real cash wallet

Winning and rewards have always been the motivating factor in the games. What is now turning into a complete game changer is the real cash games. These games come in paid or freemium model and what players win is real cash. The biggest players are card games like Rummy. The card game has been a part of the Indian culture, it is a completely legal game and the winners get real cash. There are other games as well like Teen Patti and other casino games. However, rummy games have no luck factor. If you get the strategy right, understand the rummy game rules and work on your skills, you can win cash prizes. The games are quick, can be played on mobile and transactions reach directly the bank. This is an absolute win-win situation for any player out there.


Players are asking for more and are not hesitating in paying for it. Time is precious and even though the games are played primarily for entertainment, the quality and substance matter. With high competition, multiple available options and big space availability on the mobiles, players download multiple games and stick around with only the best.

Games need to be unique, have a reward concept that connects to the player on an emotional level and gives him enough to come back for more. Challenging games packed with excellent graphics and integrated with strong UI is today the leaders in this industry.