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The Best Password Managers Apps On Android And iOS


Secure, encrypted, with the ability to save other credentials such as credit cards numbers and pins and with key generators to enhance the security, the following apps are the best password managers apps on Android and iOS.

The Best Password Managers Apps On Android And iOS

Password Secure Manager (iOS)

This tool, like the other password managers on Android and iOS, as well, allows users to securely store all their credentials, notes, addresses, and credit card details.

To do this, every user must save a general password to encrypt all the data. The goal is never to waste time memorizing long passwords and usernames.

Password Secure Manager stands out for its ease of use, and it allows you to access your private information on all devices with synchronization and backup system. It even keeps fingerprints used to unlock the phone.

SafeInCloud (iOS & Android)

Visually appealing, the SafeInCloud, one of the best password managers app for both Android and iOS, allows users to keep logins open with the app’s self-storing password logging system.

SafeInCloud does all that by protecting users’ private data with an encryption mechanism. It is particularly noteworthy for its function to synchronize data with different devices.

Also, there is Google Chrome SafeInCloud extension.

DashLane (iOS & Android)

DashLane Free Password Managers it is compatible with biometric sensors such as Touch ID and Face ID on iOS (get the version from here) and is also compatible with the Apple Watch. Also, it includes a password generator to make your passwords stronger than ever and is compatible with Android (get it from Google Play).

DashLane’s database is automatically synchronized with your own cloud account, be it Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, or Yandex Disk. This way, you can easily retrieve the data to load it onto a new phone or computer.

The Bottom Line

In conclusion, never forget your passwords and stock your credentials securely on one of the best password managers apps on Android and iOS.

Download and install which one you enjoy the most and never lose access to your accounts anymore.