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The Best Apps to Pursue Your Creativity


Being a creative person makes you unique and special.  Creative people often have a different view of the world they live in and can see opportunities in the smallest things.  Creative minds, process information in a different way and are inquisitive and intuitive, using past successes and failures as different passages to new life journeys.  

If this sounds like you, you have a creative mind.  While there are many great qualities to thinking creatively there can also be drawbacks, such as poor time management or organizational skills. Fortunately, there are multiple apps that allow you to expand your creative thinking and help you with organizing and implementing your daydreams into realities.  Here are some of our top picks of apps for creative minds.

Simple Mind

Simple Mind is a great app that can help you to organize your thoughts.  This app can help you start with your general idea, and then branch out from that helping keep you on task and organizing your brainstorming.  With it’s simple to use interface and easy to read and use charts, you can start putting your ideas in order in no time. It offers many features such as voice memos and in-depth notes about each area.  You can access your charts across almost any device. The best part about this app? It’s free to use.


There is little worse than when you are working on a great idea and all of a sudden, you hit a wall.  You officially hit a creative block. Unstuck will be your voice of reason when creative blocks hit. By working through the course, you will learn the tools necessary to help you work through this challenging time and persevere to the other side.  It provides you with exclusive tips and tricks and even asks targeted questions designed to help you throughout your creative process.


Apple’s iMovie app is a powerful video editing tool.  Perfect for both beginner and expert editors, iMovie has many of the powerful features you have come to expect from Apple’s editing apps.  You can quickly make beautiful videos and short movies from your phone that look professional and polished. The best feature is the ease of use.


If you are musically inclined, check out the vJay app.  It has a modest cost and has a vast library of music and video content that you can quickly mix and share.  You are even able to upload your original content. You can use videos that have been edited and combine them with famous artists songs.

These are just a few great options we have found for expanding your creativity.  When you think creatively, you need an outlet to express yourself and may discover a talent that you didn’t know you had.  If you are planning an event and looking for some like-minded creative types or just some excellent entertainment, check out Special Guest App, which allows you to browse and book local entertainment.