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Tesla Wireless Charger is Coming Back with a $15 Discount


Tesla is a one of a kind company and its led by Elon Musk. The CEO is always working on something new and he is considered to be the Nicola Tesla of our era. Therefore, even though Tesla’s main goal is to create reliable electric cars, the company does launch all other types of products. A great example of this would be the wireless charger which went out of stock late last month.

Tesla Wireless Charger

It seems like every product that Elon Musk creates becomes a best seller. The CEO is a genius and people believe in him. This is why every item that has the Tesla brand sells so well. Moreover, the Tesla wireless charger sold out almost instantly and it looks like Tesla is going to bring it back.

The reason we know this is because Tesla has started informing its customers that the highly demanded device will return in the online store. To make things even better, the Tesla wireless charger will now be available with a $15 discount.

Tesla Gives $15 Discount on Wireless Charger

“Due to strong customer demand, we’ll be reintroducing the sold-out Tesla Wireless Charger. By producing higher quantities, we’re able to lower the cost to $49. Early adopters like you, who paid $65 for the charger, will automatically receive a refund of $16 (plus local sales tax)” said one of Tesla’s representatives in an email to a customer.

Good Business Model

The wireless charger features a 6,000 mAh battery and it’s available in black and white models. Nonetheless, what we can take from this is that Tesla is not only looking to generate profits and that it cares about its customers. There aren’t that many other companies which would decide to reduce the price of its products when there is a high demand and to start giving out free refunds.