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Surface Studio 2 GeekBench Results Reveal Core i7-7820HQ CPU and 32GB RAM


Microsoft left everyone in awe when it revealed the first Surface Studio desktop and now, the tech giant is getting ready to launch the next-generation Surface Studio 2. The reason we know this is because the upcoming Microsoft desktop has been spotted GeekBench which leads us to believe that Microsoft is not only adding the finishing touches to Surface Studio 2 but that it’s close to launching it.

Surface Studio 2

Even though the original Surface Studio is a premium desktop, there are many features that it lacks such as more ports. Therefore, the new Surface Studio 2 is expected to ship with Thunderbolt 3 implementation which will help fix that issue.

Not just that, but that the expectations bar is set really high for the new Microsoft desktop and from what we can tell, the GeekBench test shows us that Surface Studio 2 will deliver on all expectations.

GeekBench Results

Surface Studio 2 scored a whopping 15,915 points in the multi-core test. This result is super impressive and it comes as a courtesy of the new Core i7-7820HQ CPU. Moving on, Surface Studio 2 scored 4,680 points in the single-core test which proves that Surface Studio 2 will be a true powerhouse.

Core i7-7820HQ CPU and 32GB RAM

The most important piece of information that the GeekBench leak reveals is that Surface Studio 2 will be fueled by Intel’s Core i7-7820HQ that is paired with 32GB of RAM. The implementation of Kaby Lake technology will help Surface Studio 2 deliver stellar performances and this is going to make the Microsoft desktop a bestselling device.

Expected Launch Date

While we might have a pretty good idea of what type of hardware performances Surface Studio 2 will have to offer, there aren’t any leaks to point to the date where the desktop will launch. However, rumor has it that Microsoft is planning to announce the desktop on October 2nd.


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