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Surface Pro 4 vs Surface Pro 2017 – What Makes the New Generation Special?


A couple of months ago, Microsoft decided to unveil the highly anticipated Surface Pro 5. What’s confusing is that for some unknown reason, Microsoft decided to simply name the device Surface Pro.

This is similar to what Apple did back in 2012 when it launched “the new iPad”. However, the device’s name doesn’t matter that much. The only thing that’s important is its specs and new features.

The previous model, Surface Pro 4 is renowned throughout the world for being a high-end tablet that’s more than capable of replacing a regular laptop at any given day.

However, we can’t stop from wondering if the new Surface Pro 2017 model lives up to the same expectations. With that being said, today we will pin the two devices against each other and see what sets them apart.

High-End Hardware Specs

Microsoft went with the best hardware specs available at the time when Surface Pro 4 was developed and it seems like Microsoft continued this tradition with this year’s Surface Pro iteration. The new Surface Pro is available in three chipset variants.

The affordable variant is fueled by a Core m3-7Y30 CPU that’s coupled with HD Graphics 615 GPU. The medium-ranged model ships with a Core i5-7300U CPU that’s paired with a HD Graphics 620 GPU and the premium model is powered by the impressive Core i7-7660U CPU which ships alongside an Iris Plus Graphics 640 GPU.

Surface Pro 4 is also available in three processor variants, but all of them are overshadowed by what the new Surface Pro has to offer. Therefore, this new Microsoft-made tablet is certainly living up to the Surface Pro name since its capable of competing against a laptop or computer when it comes to hardware power.

We should also mention that Surface Pro’s hardware power is enhanced even further with the addition of 4GB, 8GB or 16GB of RAM, depending on the acquired variant.