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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate – New Characters with Unique Skills and December 7th Launch Date


Nintendo took the world by surprise back in March during the E3 event when it released the teaser for the upcoming Super Smash Bros. Ultimate game. The game is schedule to come out later this year and Nintendo is doing its best not to unveil too many details about it.

However, we already know what to expect because Nintendo presented the game in June and it went over the new characters, features and gameplay mechanics that the upcoming game will introduce.

It’s a Brand-New Title!

The first question Nintendo fans had when they saw Super Smash Bros. Ultimate during the E3 presentation was if it is a brand-new game or a simple expansion? Fortunately, Nintendo confirmed that Super Smash Bros. Ultimate will be a brand-new title and that it has been specially developed for Nintendo Switch.

New Characters

Obviously, the most exciting thing about the upcoming Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is the fact that it will introduce a bunch of new characters. Inkling, Ridley, and Daisy are the first characters that Nintendo will add to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and this is great news because they all feature unique moves sets which make it possible for players to come up with special play styles.

A great example of the unique move sets is Inkling who can splatter opponents with ink. Not just that, but Inkling will be able to use lots of weapons from Splatoon like Splat Roller and Splat Bombs. On the other hand, Ridley will shoot fire out its mouth and use its tails as a spear.

Launch Date

Even though Nintendo didn’t want to confirm too many details about Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, the game company did announce that it will launch on December 7th and that it will be an exclusive Nintendo Switch title. Therefore, we only have to wait a couple of months before we get to test out the new characters.


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