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Super Mario Odyssey On Nintendo Switch Might Get A Big New Outfits Add-On


Super Mario Odyssey is still the most enjoyable game on the Nintendo Switch lately, and Nintendo is keeping up the excitement by bringing a number of new outfits and the add-on to Luigi’s Balloon World to the game. But some clever data manipulators believe we could have a new set of outfits which are the finest we’ve ever witnessed in the franchise.

A Twitter user called @ecumber has succeeded in uncovering a set of outfits that Mario can introduce to the game over the upcoming weeks. Nintendo also has a great chance of reserving these additions for a formal release at E3 2018, as they generally hold a few unexpected events in store for the public.

What will these add-on outfits bring to Mario odyssey? And, above all, how do these outfits look like?

New outfits for Super Mario Odyssey

Zombi costume


Mario revives in the form of a Zombie with an ax plummeted in his head.

Conductor Costume

A nice outfit, the Conductor costume reveals an old-school Mario in dapper clothes and inclined towards classical music.

Long-Haired Mario Costume

A mixture of Vikings’ helmet and dapper clothes, this outfit reveal a long-haired Mario

Travesty Mario

Mario dressed up like a woman. Funny idea…

Mexican Sombrero Outfit

Mario goes “Mexicano” wearing a huge hat that looks pretty much like a Sombrero.

Mario Motors Racing Costume

Mario jumps behind the wheel of the superfast racecar at Mario Motors.

Santa Claus Mario Outfit

Is not like the Christmas is near but this Santa Claus outfit looks sharp on Mario.

Nintendo hasn’t said something official about these outfits

At the moment, these outfits are just rumors as Nintendo said nothing official about planning to bring new outfits in the game. However, it would mean a lot if all these will turn out to be real.

Besides, many fans ‘feel’ that Nintendo is working on something regarding Mario Odyssey.

In the meantime, you can plunge into Mario’s universe by playing Super Mario Odyssey which is available on Nintendo Switch and can be purchased from here. Only time will tell if Nintendo will indeed bring these new costumes in the Mario Odyssey game, so, all we have to do is to be patient on this one.