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Steam Report Shows That PC Players Enjoy Controllers More Than Mouse and Keyboard


PC gamers always like to say that using a mouse and a keyboard helps them have better aim in games and that this one of the main reasons why they don’t like consoles such as PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. However, a recent report published by Steam reveals that millions of PC gamers choose to use a console gamepad instead of the classic mouse and keyboard.

Steam Reports Controller Usage Percent

One of the best things about Steam is the fact that it allows gamers to choose the playstyle that fits their needs the most. Therefore, a PC gamer can always hook up his console gamepad and have a better gameplay experience if that is what he likes. However, no one expected to see that more than 30 million PC gamers have registered their controllers to Steam.

Xbox One and Xbox 360 are the Most Popular!

The statistic revealed by Steam shows us that Xbox 360 and Xbox One controller pads are the most popular ones on Steam. The interesting thing about this is that PC gamers are known to make fun of people who enjoy consoles because Xbox One and PlayStation 4 don’t feature the same graphics as PC.

Microsoft Announces Keyboard and Mouse Support for Xbox One

To make things even more interesting than they already are, the timing of this survey is really dubious because Microsoft announced today Xbox One will receive mouse and keyboard support. This makes it seem like gamers everywhere are trying to switch up their playstyle and that they don’t like being restricted to control gamepads or mouse and keyboard.

We should also note that not all Xbox One games are going to feature mouse and keyboard support since Microsoft is letting game developers make this choice for themselves.