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Spotify Silent Update Raises Offline Song Download Limit to 10,000


When it comes to streaming music, there aren’t that many other platforms that can compare to Spotify. This music streaming platform has a massive user base of over 159 million people and it keeps growing every day. What makes Spotify so good is the fact that it keeps getting better with each day because the developers are constantly releasing new updates. In fact, the developers have just silently released a new update that improves Spotify.

Increased Song Download Limit

One of the best features that Spotify has to offer is the ability to download songs and listen to them offline. This feature is really useful because you can preload a playlist before leaving the home and then listen to it while traveling. However, the limit for downloading songs so that you can listen to them offline is set to 3,333. Luckily, Spotify has changed that.

The developers have rolled out a silent update which changes the song download limit from 3,333 to 10,000. Even though the app’s developers didn’t say anything about this major change, users started reporting that they can download more songs for offline listening than usual and a Spotify spokesperson decided to confirm that the new update.

Listening to Music Offline

Even though Spotify is renowned for giving people a way of streaming their favorite tracks, the app can also be used for offline purposes. Mobile data is expensive and spending it to stream music is not a good idea.

Therefore, Spotify now allows its users to load up to 10,000 songs that they can listen while offline. This is a nice change and we can be sure that it’s going to help Spotify grow its user base even bigger than it already is now. Let’s hope that Spotify keeps rolling out important updates such as this.