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Spotify Could Reportedly Let Users Skip Annoying Ads Even If They Don’t Pay


One of the best ways to stream your favorite songs is paying for a premium service, and there’s no doubt about this.

You will definitely get a better selection and more importantly few annoying ads.

Spotify is still pushing its free streaming option in order to keep growing.

The free service is not that great compared the paid service, but Spotify improved it this year by giving listeners more choices for the ways in which they’re streaming songs on their phones.

The free Spotify may have another upgrade on the way, and the company seems to be currently letting users “skip audio and video ads any time they want, as often as they want, allowing them to quickly get back to music,” according to Ad Age.

“Danielle Lee, global head of partner solutions at Spotify, says she compares the move to Spotify’s “Discover Weekly” feature, which tailors a playlist to users’ established listening habits. Unlimited ad skipping means Spotify users will be able to hear or watch just the ads they actually like, informing Spotify about their preferences in the process, she says,” Ad Age announced.

Ther test is live only in Australia

This test seems to be live just in Australia for the moment, but we found out that Spotify aims to bring this option to the general public one day, say the same report mentioned above.

This could bring Spotify more money per ad for the ads that users will not skip, but most likely the average user will also have to deal with fewer ads overall.

Gizmodo reached out to Spotify to obtain more information. Here’s what they wrote:

“A Spotify spokesperson tells Gizmodo that the company “will consider expanding” its ad-skipping experiment “to additional markets in the future.” They added, “We are committed to our freemium model and will continue innovating our products to ensure the best experience on both our free and premium tiers.”


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