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Sony Releases God Of War On April 20 With Changed Camera Angle


Sony will release God of War on April 20 and gamers will enjoy both a long-awaited sequel to the franchise but also a much-needed reboot.

If you’re a fan of the game than you surely must know that the original series was groundbreaking. On the other hand, it became quite stale, and this new take on Kratos’ adventures will happily revamp the series and give it a breath of fresh air.

The new God of War brings lots of changes

The new game will turn out great, and it’s crafted in such a way to be engaging enough for gamers to enjoy it more than ever.

There are a lot of changes that have been brought to the game including revamped combat, and new story and telling of the story.

Now, the emphasis is on family relationships and subtle, quiet moments.

The main change is the camera. The original series was defined by the automatic camera angles and these used to be carefully hand-placed by the game’s designers in such a way to always frame the action.

In other words, any scene from the game regardless of its intensity was shown from an exciting and dramatic angle, zoomed far back in order to show the scale of the object/god/monster that Kratos was dealing with.

Back then, this approach was quite impressive but, now everything’s changed. The camera is now positioned over the Kratos’right shoulder, and you can control it with the right stick.

The new camera enables an enhanced combat style

The new camera allows a more deliberate combat style which is also less arcade-like.

But, it also kills the game’s ability to show off the cinematic spectacle, and it replaces that impressive view with something more similar to other triple-A third-person action games.

The environments are now simple forests, caves, hallways and so on and this is another downside of the game considering that they used to always be technically beautiful and artistic.

Anyway, we’re looking forward to playing God of War so that we can experience all the changes that have been made. The game is exclusively available on PlayStation 4 on April 20.