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Sony Mobile Confirmed Plans To Withdraw From Several Markets Around The World


Sony Mobile has confirmed that it is considering withdrawing from several emerging markets, demonstrating the difficulties currently experienced by the Japanese brand.

Sony confirmed to some extent that it was considering withdrawing from the emerging countries as cited on June 27th by Evan Blass.

“As part of our ongoing efforts to develop profitable growth, we are closely monitoring the market situation and examining the viability of our operations in the Middle East, Africa, and Turkey,” admitted Sony Mobile.

Sony is one of the most famous brands in the Android world where it occupies a unique place. Far from dominating the market like the giants Samsung and Huawei, and not as cheap as the Chinese from OnePlus or Xiaomi, the Japanese manufacturer has nevertheless built a reasonably loyal community.

And even if it is not unanimously accepted, the design line of its smartphones has the merit of distinguishing itself from all competitors.

So Sony may not be the top brand in the smartphone market, but its presence is appreciated.

Sony Mobile might withdraw from markets in the Middle East, Turkey, and Africa

As said above, Evan Blass, the renowned leaker, twitted on June 27th that Sony Mobile has plans to withdraw its products from some markets around the world.

Blass stated that Sony’s mobile division would “close down its operations and premises” in the Middle East, Turkey, and Africa. The markets mentioned are all overgrowing and, the mobile phones sector is not yet as saturated as in the West.

On June 29th, Sony confirmed the rumors, to some extent, saying that they are only monitoring the before-mentioned markets, which could mean the Japanese company will eventually remain available there.

Withdrawing from such emerging areas would be a blow to a brand as prestigious as Sony, undoubtedly put in difficulty by other better-established players like Samsung or by very aggressive challengers like Huawei or Oppo.

As for its smartphones, Sony is currently developing a new launcher after saying goodbye to Xperia Home and has brought the Android P beta on its Xperia XZ2.