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Sony Might Eventually Offer Fortnite Cross-Play On PlayStation 4


Sony could finally offer an option for Fortnite cross-play on PlayStation 4. After Nintendo announced at E3 2018 in Los Angeles that the famous battle royale would arrive on Nintendo Switch, Sony made public its position that it would not allow account synchronization between its platform and Nintendo’s platform. After a few days of criticism of the company for making a decision that harms the players, it seems that the solution to this problem may soon come to light.

According to the latest news and statements made today by one of the company’s directors at the Gamelab in Barcelona, Sony is stepping up to solve this problem.

“We’re listening. We’re looking at a lot of possibilities. You can imagine that the circumstances surrounding the ‘Fortnite cross-play’ affect much more than just one game. I am confident that we will come up with a solution that will be understood and accepted by our gaming community while supporting our business,” said Sony’s representative at Gamelab, in Barcelona, Spain.

Sony seems like wanting to make up with its gamers by offering Fortnite cross-play on PlayStation 4

Fortnite is one of the most successful games at the moment with hundreds of millions of US Dollars raised in revenues by Epic Games.

Also, thanks to cross-play feature, Fortnite brings together millions of players from the various platforms on which it is available, and a spectacular amount of revenue since the battle royale mode boosted the title towards fame.

A situation that could reach new heights with the arrival of the Android version this summer.

The reason why Sony has decided to piss off an ever-growing mass of people is not yet apparent, although it could all be due to the most natural and apparent reason of all – the money.

We don’t know if the company intends to hide its prejudices now or has found an alternative way to facilitate Fortnite cross-play on PlayStation 4 without compromising parts of its interests, but in any case, it seems that we will soon find out.