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Sony Announces PS4 Cross-Play for Fortnite (Early Stages)


Sony usually loves to listen to the feedback that its fans are sending in and to make changes according to it. However, there is one line that Sony will not cross, no matter how much fans can ask for it. The line that Sony is not willing to go over is cross-play support and it came to light when Microsoft and Nintendo announced that they are going to let Fortnite players get together in the famous Battle Royale even though they might own different types of consoles.

Sony Doesn’t Support Fortnite Cross-Play

Sony decided that it doesn’t want to allow cross-play support for Fortnite players and this caused the entire community to get mad at Sony.

To make things even worse, Sony said that the reason it doesn’t want to add cross-play support for Fortnite is because PlayStation 4 “offers the best gameplay experience” and that it doesn’t want it to be ruined by cross-play.

Sony Has Changed Its Mind

Seeing how the entire PlayStation community got angry at Sony, it should come as no surprise to anyone that Sony started rethinking its position on cross-play. The Japanese based the giant has announced today that Fortnite fans who play the game on Android devices will now be able to team up with their friends on PlayStation 4.

Android and PlayStation 4 Cross-Play

The beta version of Fortnite for PlayStation 4 now comes with support for cross-play. On the downside of things, Android users are the only ones who get to team up with PlayStation 4 fans.

Although, the fact that Sony is becoming more open-minded when it comes to cross-play support leads us to believe that PlayStation 4 fans might be able to play Fortnite and other games with their friends on Xbox One and Nintendo Switch in the upcoming future.


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