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SnapTube – Download Online Videos, Key Features and a Four-Step Installation Guide


Today we are going to present a special app that every Android user should make sure to give it at least a try. The app is called SnapTube and it comes with a plethora of features that take the mobile entertainment Google’s Android operating system is able to offer to the next level.

At its core, SnapTube is an app that excels at downloading online videos. However, SnapTube can do much more than that and we are going to cover everything there is to know about it.

Premium App

Right from the start, we need to talk about the fact that SnapTube is one of the most popular apps in the Android ecosystem. The reason we are saying this is because SnapTube has been downloaded and used by more than 40 million individual users!

To make things even better, SnapTube has amassed a total of 14 million likes which speaks volumes about the services that it has to offer. Nonetheless, let’s see what SnapTube’s highlight features are.

Download Online Videos

As previously mentioned, SnapTube’s most important feature is its ability to download online videos. The best thing about this is that SnapTube supports every popular website where users can find interesting videos and this means that people who chose to install SnapTube on their smartphones will never run out of fresh content to watch.

In fact, we are going to list all the popular websites that SnapTube can download videos from so that readers can get an idea of how useful SnapTube really is.

Supported Websites

  • Tune.pk;
  • Vid.me;
  • Vevo.com;
  • Metacafe.com;
  • Pagalworld.com;
  • Twitter.com;
  • Vuclip.com;
  • Funnyordie.com;
  • Soundcloud.com;
  • Facebook.com;
  • Whatsappdaily.com;
  • Vine.co;
  • Liveleak.com;
  • Instagram.com;
  • Dailymotion.com.

The websites above give us a glimpse of what SnapTube can do. However, the app supports lots of other websites and therefore, finding interesting videos to watch in your spare time will never be a difficult task with SnapTube.

File Manager

One of the best uses for SnapTube is to download lots of videos while you are at home and then watch them offline. Luckily, the app ships with a pre-installed file manager that makes it easier for people to relocate, delete and find every new video that they download.

Free Music

As we saw above, SnapTube supports every popular streaming website and this means that users can download free music from them. The way this works is by downloading music videos and then converting them into simple MP3 tracks through the app’s pre-installed MP3 converter. Therefore, SnapTube users will not have to rely on a third-party app in order to expand their music library.

It’s Fast!

Not only is SnapTube able to download videos from websites that don’t allow this to happen in the first place, but it also does it super fast! SnapTube is renowned for being able to take full HD videos in a matter of seconds with speeds that can reach up to 40Mb/s.

However, the download speed that SnapTube offers is directly impacted by the internet network the smartphone is connected to.

Install SnapTube in Four Simple Steps

Another great thing about SnapTube is that it’s been designed for everyone! Therefore, installing SnapTube on a smartphone doesn’t require any software knowledge and anyone can do it in three simple steps.

  • Access this website and tap on the “Download” button;
  • Wait for the download process to be finished and then tap on the “Snaptube” icon which will appear in the notification bar;
  • Access “Settings – Security” and then enable the “Unknown sources” feature which makes it possible for SnapTube to install;
  • All that’s left now is to wait for the app to be installed and then enjoy all the features that it has to offer.