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SnapTube Beta Update is Now Live


When it comes to favorite apps, there’s nothing better than receiving an update that improves them! SnapTube fans should be happy to know that the developers who are in charge of the app have just released a brand-new update and it’s available to everyone!

The update comes in the form of APK which means that SnapTube fans are required to install it manually. Although, this is not complicated at all and we are going to explain exactly how to do that.

SnapTube Beta Update

The new update sports the Beta version number. Therefore, the update is targeted towards SnapTube users who want to get all the latest updates ahead of everyone by installing the beta version of them. However, the fact that SnapTube’s latest update is in the beta phase doesn’t mean that it’s filled with bugs, but on the contrary.

Android Package Kit (APK)

App developers release APK versions of their updates weeks before those updates are launched through OTA (over the air) channels. The reason why they are doing this is so that beta testers can check out all the latest features and see if there are any bugs which have been overlooked, but this is rarely the case.

Nonetheless, the APK can be downloaded from here and the only thing that SnapTube fans need to do is to enable the “Unknown Sources” feature which is available in the Settings panel. All that’s left now is to double-click the APK file and proceed with the installation.

Bug Fixes

As previously mentioned, the new SnapTube doesn’t come with bugs and it removes them instead! With that said, SnapTube fans who want to use a better version of the app should make sure to get the new update and install it.


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