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SnapTube Update – Save Mobile Data While Watching Online Videos


Times have changed and people don’t watch TV anymore because their smartphones offer all the entertainment they need. Although, who needs to turn on the TV anymore when the internet is filled with cool online videos such as daily vlogs, fail compilations and gaming content? However, there is a downside to watching online videos, people need to have a strong internet connection in order to do it.

Considering the fact that online videos need a strong internet connection to load, it should come as no surprise that streaming platforms such as YouTube and Vimeo are infamous for draining mobile data. On the bright side of things, there is an app that makes it possible for people to watch online videos without ever having to turn on their mobile data!


SnapTube is a popular Android app that gives users the necessary tools to download online videos. People who decide to install SnapTube on their smartphones will find out that watching online videos has never been easier and cheaper! The reason we are saying this is because SnapTube users can simply download every online video that they find interesting while at home and then watch them while offline.

Watching Online Videos While Offline

The cool thing about SnapTube is that it doesn’t require a powerful smartphone in order to function. The app has been designed to cater to everyone and it will run on lower-end devices without any issues. However, this is not the best thing about SnapTube and today we are going to present the app’s highlight features.

Endless Supply of Videos

We think we made it clear that SnapTube can download online videos from all types of websites and with that in mind, it should come as no surprise that SnapTube offers an endless supply of mobile entertainment. Just imagine how many videos SnapTube users are able to download from websites such as Vimeo, DailyMotion, and FunnyorDie for example.

Download Free Music

What most people don’t know about SnapTube is that it can be used to download music as well. Even though SnapTube might not be able to download songs directly from audio streaming platforms, the app is equipped with a pre-installed MP3 converter that automatically transforms any music video into a simple track.

Constantly Improving

Another amazing thing about SnapTube is that the app is constantly developing. Even though SnapTube is already packed with lots of innovative features and a premium user experience, the developers who are in charge of it are constantly looking to add new software tweaks and bug fixes in order to improve SnapTube’s overall performance. In fact, a brand-new APK update has recently arrived!

SnapTube APK Update

The latest update for SnapTube sports the “” version number and it was published a couple of days ago. The new update is available in the form of APK which means that it’s exclusive to Android users and that SnapTube users who wish to get their hands on the software tweaks and bug fixes that it brings need to download and install it on their smartphones manually.

Nonetheless, the new update is packed with a handful of software tweaks which improve SnapTube’s performance and the speed at which it can download videos. Not just that, but the update also introduces a bunch of bug fixes that make sure SnapTube never crashes in the middle of the downloading process.

The developers are on a never-ending pursuit to improve SnapTube and this shows us that this app features premium services which are unparalleled. To make things even better, SnapTube is entirely free to use!