Home Apps SnapTube 4.34.0 Update Enhances Online Video Features with Key Improvements

SnapTube 4.34.0 Update Enhances Online Video Features with Key Improvements


No one turns on their TV anymore when there is so much awesome video content which can be streamed online. Video streaming platforms like Netflix and Vimeo are making traditional TV cable companies go bankrupt.

One of the best things about being able to stream videos is that people can get all the entertainment they need directly on their smartphones.

Streaming Online Videos

The biggest benefit of streaming videos directly on smartphones is that people get to enjoy their free time wherever they might be. Take for example people who take the public transport to work and school. They can make the ride seem less boring by watching a TV show or interesting documentary.


On the other hand, streaming online videos requires a stable Wi-Fi connection or mobile data. These two services are not always available and this is where apps like SnapTube come in. SnapTube gives everyone the ability to download all their favorite online videos while they are at home and then to watch them while traveling.

New Update

SnapTube fans should be happy to know that a brand-new update went live. This update is focused on “sharpening” and improving the features that SnapTube already offers by adding a bunch of bug fixes and software tweaks.

Therefore, SnapTube fans who want to watch online videos while offline should make sure to get this latest update as soon as possible.

Key Features

This app is filled with cool features, but the most important one of them is its ability to download all sorts of video formats. Things get even better than this because SnapTube also ships with a pre-installed MP3 converter which makes it possible to automatically transform music videos into simple tracks.

Another important thing that we need to mention about SnapTube is that it supports multiple thread downloads. This is quite important because multiple thread downloads help SnapTube boost download speeds.